An ad I created for Kids Cancer Foundation of Alberta. The theme was obviously the Calgary Stampede, and had to be consistent with a series of ads and posters created by Karo. The three pictures below were used to create the final image. The rodeo and tin toy are from iStockphoto. The ominous clouds is an iPhone 4 picture taken by yours truly...

The KCCFA Ride for a Lifetime is a fundraiser targeting bikers with a big heart.
The 2012 Ride was in its 10th year inception, and I had a chance to raise funds, and participate in the Ride.
A total hoot, a great cause, a fantastic ride, an even better crew... what can I say?.. I'm looking forward to the 2013 Ride!
This ad was the follow up to thank the riders & sponsors. We did raise over $150K, and every penny raised went to the Camp Kindle. KCCFA's summer camp. The Gentleman pictured here is the father of a teenager that lost his battle with cancer. (Photo by Monique de St. Croix)

"It starts with you"... A series of ads created for KCCFA High Hope CHallenge, where business leaders and local celebrities are partnered with kids cancer survivors, and must complete an obstacle course at Camp Kindle. The tagline comes from their 2011-2012 annual report designed by yours truly.

Small self-congratulatory ad for TARPON. Photoshoot was done in-house, featuring arms, thumbs and sleeves of the TARPON team.
What do you do when all you have to work with are six logos and a paragraph of text... you call in Slab Serifs type and a crane to the rescue.
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