Bonjour, I'm Edwin! 

Born in Tahiti, I grew up in Strasbourg, France. Midway through art school, I landed in Calgary, Canada, where I spent 30 years. I recently moved back to France to be closer to family and rediscover my homeland.
I'm currently a freelance graphic designer, when I'm not cladded in construction PPE while renovating our 17th century home in Cepoy, France.
Previously, I have held the positions of Art Director at TAG Advertising, Creative Director at nonfiction studios, and design instructor at Reeves College in Calgary, where I shared and applied my knowledge of print, motion and web design, corporate communication and info-based design for large industrial companies and worthy local not-for-profit organizations.
I am a visual mechanic. A typographical noodle chef. A compulsive photographic traveller and a perfectionist that paint with a broad brush. A true juxtaposition of paradigms and my favourite colour is orange.
I don’t quit until it’s perfectly done. I'm patient when facing complex problems, and determined to defend visual beauty. I'm an insatiable sponge that awaits the next design spill, and I'd love to hear from you!
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